ARTIST: Lana del Rey
TRACK: Young and Beautiful (rainbowreaper mix)

I accidentally made this dreamy sounding remix, and I really like it, so why not share.

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Sony Vegas users should really start learning the .mov masking technique, because seriously, greenscreens suck.

A nightmare in the Labyrinth

Smoke came out of the Labyrinth. A visitor arrived; the Goblin King’s magic had done it again. Jareth watched the creature step into the light as he strode towards him. 

Fred Krueger inspected the other man, stating out loud that he had been summoned. Smugly, the Goblin King held out an orb, which made Krueger take a step back.

It was supposed to be a crystal, nothing more, but if you held it just this way, it would show you your dreams.




Damn, I loved it. Creepy and realistic!

Thank you so much!  Obviously still a work in progress and I’m kinda proud of myself for the godawful freddy masking xD

if google, youtube or wikipedia cant help you with something, you’re probably not using the search bar right, son.

I really want to edit an idea I had, but I realized I didn’t have the footage anymore, so I went to download it but it was only available in the ungodly format of mkv and now I’m waiting for this piece of shit to render;

-An essay by Sony Vegas editors




i really love the opening Days scene of Xion’s “induction” to the Organization

all of the Org members have these very reserved expressions of curiosity or skepticism or even boredom

except vexen

vexen’s just sitting there grinning like

"yesssss i mADE THE THING"

my question is how the fuck do these guys get up those tall ass chairs

do they fly

is there a crane involved

so many mysteries

don’t they just shadow-portal or whatever into their chairs?? somehow while sitting down? maybe they’re all really good at pretending to sit and then open a portal underneath themselves so they land perfectly in their chairs?

they use portals, but the chairs also rise, as seen in this part in DDD

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Made these manips today, maybe I’ll use them in a video sometime.

Probably one of my favorite disney villains~

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Jack/Emily [Signs]