David Bowie as Julian Priest
The Hunger S02E01


I'll place the moon within your heart
"Stop! Wait.. Look, Sarah. Look what I'm offering you. Your dreams."


What if you put a photoset of blank pngs in a tag.

How long will people stare at it to load, perhaps even click on it because that helps sometimes, only to realize that

"you son of a bitch, there’s nothing to look at" 

{X} A Labyrinth AU/Sequel I just really want to see. 

For some reason or the other (family death or abuse idk),Sarah needs to turn to the Goblin King for help in order not to seperate from her baby brother. The irony is not lost on Jareth and he agrees to take them to the Underground, only to leave Sarah to live there as a beggar unless she agrees to be with him.  {X

My own take to the Labyrinth thing, because seriously how would Bowie look like in Gravity Falls style?

Now, you see, I’ve seen a lot of fanvideos and done quite a sum myself. 

This is a preview of a video I’m working on and I just really liked how the reversed and flipped clips look in this part. Also, you might recognize the little text border around ‘angel’ are actually the patterns on the arches of the Escher room, a small detail I’m pretty darned proud of.

(andblue,ifyouseethis,Itotally rippedoffyourtexteffects,sorry)

I hate it when the visual in my head of my videos looks better than my actual work. 

Snow White
Labyrinth - Movie vs. Marvel - Part 1/?